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URLdefender is a start-up that brings an effective halt to online trademark abuse. We strengthen the online position of organizations and the market value of their brands. URLdefender has taken the initiative to use specialist knowledge of the domain name investment world for protecting valuable brands online. Our strength lies in the combination of a very thorough analysis of domain name abuse and countering cybersquatters with legal tools. In this way we can transform the disadvantages of cybercrime into benefits for your organization. We limit damages , provide cost reduction, improve website traffic and strengthen your reputation.

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URLdefender uses profound knowledge of the domain name market and advanced big data techniques to round up the active domain names which are harmful to your organization. We analyze how internet users are confronted with cybercrime because of abuse of your brand, which number of website visitors you are missing out on and the savings you can make on your marketing budget. Based on our analysis, we will take action against cybersquatters. Our IP-lawyers ensure that malicious domain names are made available to you . We use the required legal tools, such as formal notices and domain dispute procedures. This not only stops the abuse , but we also ensure that more Internet users arrive directly at your website.


Complementing our URLdefending services, we offer URLmanagement services. With URLmanagement, we fully monitor and manage the online abuse of your brand but also provide technical and administrative support such as registration and forwarding services. We can continuously analyze the records of all existing and new gTLDs and TLDs from all brands used by your organization. Does a domain name contain your brand or misspelling thereof? We are aware of it and analyze the page and person behind the domain name. If abuse is identified, we take the necessary measures to stop it. With our big-data analysis methods, we can also advise you about the purchase of new domain names. As part of our URLmanagement services, we can determine the value of domain names and identify the options and costs of acquisition and management for you. Of course we can also register, manage URL and e-mail forwarding for all of the domain names in your portfolio.

Damage compensation

Stopping the online abuse of your brand is an important step in protecting your reputation. To prevent future criminal activities of cybersquatters, we could advise you to claim the damages incurred by your organization. Our IP lawyers and attorneys challenge the cybersquatters to court, to reclaim your losses and discourage cybercriminals. Based on our monitoring of your brand, we can make a proper assessment of the damages incurred by your company and identify the person or organization behind the abuse. With the strong legal position that a trademark owner has, we ensure that cybersquatters are ordered to compensate your damages.

We deliver. We are so confident in our calculations that we offer our services on a no-cure no-pay basis.

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